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All of our kittens from 2014 have gone to their new homes. Our next litter should arrive mid January and will be ready to go home mid-April. Send us an email to add your name to our waiting list.

Ragenesque Ragdoll Cattery is a small closed cattery

What does this mean ?

To us it means, a small number of actively breeding females , a cadre of retired girls taking up all the couch space and a few rambuncious teenagers going to shows before they become Moms.
It also means no outside cats to bring in disease, no stud service, no boarding.

The early months of your kitten's life are very formative.
Kittens need quiet time to grow, quality time with Mom and siblings and then gentle interaction with humans. They also need the best of nutrition, proper veterinary care , vaccinations and a disease free clean pleasant environment.
A Ragenesque Ragdoll kitten receives all of this plus LOVE (and a microchip :-)

To reserve a Ragdoll kitten please contact us. Each of our kittens is unique. Click here for our full pricing structure and an explanation of "what's included ". Our agreement contains a no declaw clause. Please take the time to read the information we have collected on the declawing procedure. A copy of our purchase contract is available to view and includes our health guarantee. Early altering helps avoid hormonally induced problems such as spraying, fighting and the desire to roam outdoors. It makes for a happier , healthier pet. Please read the information at the following links for a better understanding of early altering.

The Winn Feline Foundation

CFA Health Committee

Although we prefer to place our kittens locally, we will ship our kittens after 12 weeks of age subject to seasonal regulations. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the new parents. While living with us, the babies are socialized with humans, dogs and other cats. We also introduce them to brushing, bathing and nail clipping. They gets lots of love and attention from us and will expect it when they move to their new homes :-)

a gaggle of ragdoll kittens at 8 weeks
There's nothing like a cat toy to get a bunch of Ragdoll kittens really hopping !

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